Control your home with Reemo

Wearable tech and smart home technology are beginning to merge as is demonstrated with the forthcoming Reemo wristband.  At first glance, Reemo may not appear to be anything special with its flat, rubbery bracelet design comparable to current wearable gadgets on the market.  However, Reemo is dissimilar from devices like the Jawbone Up24 or Fitbit Flex as it performs more complex tasks such as turning lights on and off with the wave of a wrist.

Many individuals choose home automation systems and smart appliances for the convenience or to create a Jetsons-like home.  In reality though, people with mobility impairments can greatly benefit from such systems.  But for some of these individuals, including the elderly, operating a smartphone and the apps may prove to be too challenging.  With a device like the Reemo, these individuals may obtain more independence due to its simpler concept.

Here’s how the gadget works:

Reemo involves a wristband and a set of small black receivers that you pair with devices around your home.  The two ends of the wristband are magnetic, simplifying the task of placing it on one’s wrist. Once the wristband and receivers are paired, you just point at the desired device from up to 100 feet away and make one of six motions recognized by Reemo.  Instead of fumbling for switches, keys, or opening an app, with Reemo you just point to a device and control it with natural gestures.

Reemo Demonstration

Some standard examples of devices include:

  • Fixtures
  • Appliances
  • Heaters
  • LED modules
  • Coffee makers
  • Lamps
  • Fans
  • Radios

Reemo also works with a growing list of home automation systems and smart devices such as:

  • Smart fansReemo Base Package
  • Vents
  • Thermostats
  • Fireplaces
  • Door locks
  • Window shades
  • Cameras
  • Televisions
  • Outlets
  • Switches
  • Dimmers
  • Garage doors
  • and more!

The base package includes the Reemo wristband, SmartPlug and receiver starting at $210.  Additional Reemo devices may be purchased for $99 each.  The device is estimated to be delivered May 2015.

For more information on the Reemo, visit the webpage here.

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