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There are several wellness trackers available on the market today to monitor the habits of relatively self-aware, healthy individuals.  These wearable devices are designed to help those looking to stay active or to hit a specific goal each day (i.e. a steps objective.)  CarePredict is utilizing the technology behind these fitness wristbands to improve the lives of seniors.  They have created a new device called Tempo, a wristband tracker that doubles as a watch and logs the daily activity of its users.

Tempo works by identifying early warning signs of health issues that often begin as changes in normal behavior patterns.  It is a monitoring andCarePredict alert system that uses innovative technology to non-invasively track and record seniors’ daily activities and let their loved ones and caregivers know when those patterns change.  Tempo enables seniors to stay safe and comfortable in their own home, and gives their friends and family peace of mind knowing help is only a push notification away.

It looks like a standard piece of jewelry but monitors standing, sitting, laying down and the user’s location in the home.  After one week of wearing it, the wristband learns the wearer’s behavior, like when they wake up, go to the bathroom, cook and eat breakfast, etc.  It’ll even notice gradual behaviors like walking slower or cooking less.  Once it learns the user’s behavior, it can alert the caregiver or loved one of any unusual changes in behavior.

Satish Movva, CEO of CarePredict, said, “There was nothing out there for seniors that takes into account their state of health and age-related limits on behaviors and activities.  Fitness trackers record steps and maybe quality of sleep and others monitor respiration, brain waves or clinical vitals such as heart rates, but they don’t stitch together a cohesive picture of the person or use machine learning to understand what’s ‘normal’ for an individual and look for deviations from that.  We want to change that.”

Tempo is available to pre-order now and is planned to be available this fall.  To find out more information on this gadget, visit the CarePredict website.

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