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Your weekly dose of information that keeps you up to date on the latest developments in the field of technology designed to assist people with disabilities and special needs.

Holiday Podcast (episode 2) 2015 product links

Drive Deluxe Lightweight Transport Chair

Price: $169.95

Where to find it:

Go Pro 3  Cameras with helmet mount, bar mount or suction cup mount

Price: $199.00

Where to find it:

Apple Watch

Price: $350 + up

Where to find it:



Where to find it:

Wemo from Belkin

Price: varies

Where to find it:


More Holiday Dinner!


Where to find it:!/id571305456?mt=8

Indianapolis Zoo Membership

Price $116.00 – $184.00

Where to find it:

IMA membership

Price: $35.00- $250.00

Where to find it:

Children’s Museum

Price: $155.00- $195.00

Wheret to find it:

Amazing Clubs of the Month

Price: $19-$40 per month

Where to find it:


Price: Delivery Fees $6.95-$9.95

Where to find it: http

New Trent Charger

Price: $69.95

Where to find it:

Life Proof iPad/iPhone cases

Price: $80- $130

Where to find it:

iPad air 2

Price: $500 and up

Where to find it:

Wireless Plug in Doorbell with Chimes & Stobe

Price: $69.95

Where to find it:

WooWee MiP Robot

Price: $99.99

Where to find it:

Bridging Apps

ipad mini

Price: $299.00 and up

Where to find it:

Google Nexus 7

Price: $229.00

Where to find it:

Kindle Fire HDX

Price: $179.00

Where to find:


Star fall snowman app

Price: $0.99

Where to find:

Holiday charades app

Price: Free

Where to find:

Decorate the Christmas Tree with Elf on the shelf app

Where to find:

Chai on Chanukkah app

Price: Free

Where to find:

The Nutcracker and The Mystery of the Disappearing Cheese  app

Price: $1.99

Where to get:

Holiday bingo app

Price: Free

Where to get:

Cookie Doodle app

Price: Free

Where to get:

Peekaboo Presents app

Price: $1.99

Where to get:

Sleeps to Christmas-Christmas Countdown

Price: Free


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——-transcript follows ——

Happy Holidays from the Assistive Technology Center at Easter Seals crossroads. This is your Assistive Technology Update.

[Festive Music]

WADE WINGLER: Hi, this is Wade Wingler with the INDATA Project at Easter Seals crossroads in Indiana with your Assistive Technology Update, a weekly dose of information that keeps you up-to-date on the latest developments in the field of technology designed to assist people with disabilities and special needs.

Welcome back to our Holiday Episode. This is episode 184, and it’s scheduled to be released on December 5 of 2014.

I am joined once again by my friend Nikol Prieto. Hey, Nikol.

NIKOL PRIETO: Hi there. How are you?

WADE WINGLER: Good. Glad to have you back. Patrick Sandy, our President and CEO. Patrick, thank you for being with us again.

PATRICK SANDY: My pleasure, Wade. Thanks for asking me.

WADE WINGLER: And Laura Medcalf who is our social media guru here in the INDATA Project. Laura, thank you for being back again today.

LAURA MEDCALF: Glad to be here.

WADE WINGLER: So last time we talked about some pretty interesting gift ideas and holiday stuff. Today we’re going to pick that up and kind of jump right into our next segment. Here we go.

The next category of technology we want to talk about are those things that fall into the area of mobility impairment, getting around, getting your hands on things and technology that’s helpful in that area. Patrick, I know that you got some pretty interesting stuff in this category. What you have to share?

PATRICK SANDY: Yeah, I do. One thing I have is this Drive Deluxe Lightweight Transport Chair. It’s by Maxi Aids again. What I liked about this was in terms of a wheelchair, it was really pretty inexpensive. It’s $159, and it weighs 19 pounds. If you’ve got somebody that’s coming to your home and perhaps they use more of a bulky wheelchair, and they might not be able to get through some of the hallways or whatever, this might be something that you can buy as a gift for yourself to have so that when they come to your home — and you want to check with them first — that you can just have it there for them to transfer to and be able to have complete mobility throughout your home, be able to get to those hallways and all that. It could also be something that you buy for yourself if you’re a wheelchair user so that you have that when you go to visit relatives or whatever whose homes might not be quite as accessible as they could be.

I just thought it was inexpensive enough that it was something that would be a reasonable accommodation to be able to use under those unusual circumstances.

WADE WINGLER: Kind of an in-a-pinch wheelchair.


WADE WINGLER: What else have you got?

PATRICK SANDY: I’ve also got the Go Pro Hero 3. It’s a camera, and if you are familiar with a Go Pro 2 that’s been out for a while, Go Pro 3 has really improved resolution. It has better picture quality. The audio part of it is vastly improved over what the Go Pro 2 was. It’s a much better situation, I think. It comes with a variety of mounts that you can get that will work for mounting on a bicycle, mounting on a wheelchair, or mounting on a walking device. It could be anything. It makes it easier to be able to take those holiday picture that you want to take for somebody who, maybe their arm gets tired and they can mount it and not have to do with that. Or maybe somebody who has limited mobility and wants to be taking their own pictures or video, they can use this mount. It can be operated remotely with an app on your iPhone. It can also be operated with a Go Pro 3 app that you can put on a tablet. I thought even with limited mobility, you’d be able to operate the camera with a mount on your whatever.

WADE WINGLER: If you said that it can be controlled with an app, then you can switch adapt your tablets or whatever. You could have a totally switch adapted videocamera cruising around at the holidays.

PATRICK SANDY: Absolutely. I thought it was really great.

The other thing I found that I thought was pretty cool is what’s called a Cool Touch Microwave Bowl. This is by LS&S. I don’t have any stock in the company. Even though I know I’ve mentioned a lot of things from there. It’s pretty inexpensive, $9.95, not much more than you plan on paying for any kind of a ball. The really cool thing about it is you can use in a microwave and it doesn’t get hot. Anybody could use that, right? We get so confused sometimes. It only takes three minutes in the microwave. It can’t be hot. But you go in and touch it and it is. I thought this is a really cool thing.

WADE WINGLER: And with somebody with a spinal cord injury who might not be able to sense heat in their lap, you could literally take the thing out of the microwave, put in your lap and not worry about getting burnt and not knowing that’s happening.

PATRICK SANDY: I didn’t even think about, but that’s a cool feature.

WADE WINGLER: Nikol, I know you have some things in this category too. Would you like to share?

NIKOL PRIETO: I do. One of them is — there’s a lot of talk and hype around it — I’m calling it the iWatch, but I think it’s more accurately called the Apple Watch.

WADE WINGLER: Apple Watch.

NIKOL PRIETO: It won’t be out for Christmas. I think everybody wants one. It won’t be out for Christmas, but you can stock somebody up on some gift cards and have them save them until early 2015 when it’s predicted to come out. They’re going to start around $350.

The reason why it’s so great for mobility is you’re going to wear it on your wrist obviously. But it’s going to start sensing motion, so when you move your arm, it will queue back up so you’ll have your clock there or whatever you have it set to. It will send you message alerts and vibrate on your wrist so you’ll be able to feel those alerts. You can use it for GPS if you have some visual problems with directions. You could have a GPS app on there that would give you voice commands. So there’s a lot of features. I will note that a lot of the features on that watch do require you to have an iPhone. There are some independent features of it. It would be more like having an iPod or something to that effect. I think they are going to be around $350 and up.

The other thing that I found really interesting is, if you really love to cook, there is a device called the Thermomix. This thing is super cool.

WADE WINGLER: This is wild.

NIKOL PRIETO: Really cool. It does everything. It cooks your meals. It kneads it, makes it, measures. The list goes on and on of everything it does. It actually has a chip in it that will cook so you put in, pick the recipe, put the ingredients in. It will chop, mix, cook. It will change all the settings. It does it all on its own. It’s really pricey. It’s $1,989. I should remember that, that’s the year I graduated high school.

WADE WINGLER: You mean nineteen hundred eighty-nine dollars.

NIKOL PRIETO: $1,989. It is really pricey, but it is guaranteed to last a lifetime. The product is a really sturdy piece of equipment. It does everything for you.

WADE WINGLER: My understanding is if you’re making a squash soup or something, you throw on the cream and the squash and the seasonings and stuff in there, you push some preset stuff, and it grinds it, chops it, and then actually cooks it. After a while, you pour hot soup out of the thing. It does it all.

NIKOL PRIETO: Every single thing.


NIKOL PRIETO: Put it all in and walk away.

PATRICK SANDY: That is amazing.

WADE WINGLER: The device that I have in this category isn’t a single device but kind of a category of devices. I’m all excited these days about a thing by Belkin called Wemo. Wemo is a smartphone-based home automation system. The thing that is cool about it is it allows you to use your smartphone to control things like lights, switches, thermostats, webcams and all kinds of stuff in your environment. The really cool thing about it is because it is smartphone enabled, you can connect it to some Web services.

There’s one called If This Then That that runs on your smartphone, and it — when you give permission — knows where you are and that it can control things. You can do something like put a Wemo switch in the bathroom and plug your curling iron into it, and then a smartphone would know that you’re away from the house and the curling iron is on because that switch is still activated. It would have a rule set up to know to shut that off so that if you go away during the day and forget to shut off your curling iron, it goes ahead and shuts off that entire outlet. You can connect with things like crockpots, and all sorts of things around the house that allow you to turn on the hot apple cider before you get home from work so that it’s nice and toasty warm for you when you get there. Or if you forgot to turn off the cider when you went to bed, it can shut it off at a certain time. Pretty cool classification of stuff. All sorts of prices, usually about $80 or $90 gets you a starter kit and you can start learning how to build a Wemo system that will give you all kinds of home automation.

Each week, one of our partners talks to us about the ever-changing world of apps. Here is Scott Davert from AppleVis with our holiday installment of An App Worth Mentioning.

SCOTT DAVERT: This is Scott Davert from Today we’re talking about an app called More Holiday Dinner! More Holiday Dinner! is an app primarily geared towards the younger generations, but adults can also have fun with it. This app allows you on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to make a meal fully on the screen from start to finish. That includes what kind of meal you’d like to make in the traditional holiday sense, whether it be stuffing, turkey as a main dish or bread roles as a side or pumpkin pie or several other types of desserts. You can even use the touchscreen to mix and match things as needed. The app costs $.99 which is a lot cheaper than any holiday meal that you’re ever going to get for real. Best of all, while the app may not be free, it’s certainly calorie free. You can go back for seconds too and not have to worry about putting on any pounds.

This app is almost entirely usable with voiceover. The only exception to that being when you open and close the oven door on this app, which will not be able to be done on voiceover. There is no real gesture to do that so you have to turn off voiceover, swipe the oven closed once you’ve selected your meal, and then turn voiceover back on. When you want to take something out of the oven, you have to do the same thing.

While there is no verbal report that you have closed the oven door, you’ll hear beeps that indicate that you’re setting the timer for whatever amount of time as necessary. That’s actually one of the nice things about this app is it has a lot of different sound effects which help make it kind of a more fun app for kids and people who enjoy doing that sort of thing.

It also offers you the ability to go and post your meal on Facebook and share it through email. From information, you can check it out in the App Store. Again, that’s More Holiday Dinner! You can head over to where we have a podcast demonstrating this app and you too can have a fat-free, full-fledged meal was no calories. From, I’m Scott Davert.

WADE WINGLER: So we are having a lot of good fun here talking about holidays and assistive technology gifts in those kinds of things. Our next category is sort of a catchall. It has something to do with hearing and autism and a lot of things that might be useful by folks with all kinds of disabilities or no disability at all. Nikol, I know you have some interesting ideas over there. What have you got?

NIKOL PRIETO: Yeah, sometimes when my family is asking advice on what gifts to give our family, I try to encourage them not to give us things that will create a lot of clutter and that we would just throw in the closet and forget about. One of the things I love to receive are memberships to places of interest. Some really great places in Indianapolis might be the Indianapolis Zoo; or IMA, the Indianapolis Museum of Art; or the Children’s Museum are all great places picked they all have memberships. The IMA has a membership from $35-$125. The zoo is $116-$184. The Children’s Museum is $155 up to $370. It varies on how many people you can take on your pass. Typically, your long passes have free parking and all kinds of other perks.

WADE WINGLER: One of the most interesting things I find about having memberships is a full day trip to the zoo or museum might be too much for some, especially kids with disabilities. When you buy a ticket, you feel like I’ve got to say all day and get my money’s worth. But when you have a membership and you can go as often as you want, you can go for an hour or a half hour, or if you’re having a bad day or bad behaviors and you want to leave and try again in a week, you don’t feel so bad about having spent a one-day pass, high expense to get in. I know that that’s one thing that’s helpful for people with disabilities. Are there other things that you found that might be helpful for folks with disabilities at the zoo or museum?

NIKOL PRIETO: There are. It’s nice to just check out their website or give them a call and find out what’s available. For example, at IMA, on the third Sunday, they have American Sign Language interpreters for their tors. They have audio guides. There’s all types of services like that if you just check out their website or contact them directly and find out what services they provide.

WADE WINGLER: So those are things that require you to get out and about, but what about things that you can take advantage of and not have to leave the house?

NIKOL PRIETO: There are a lot of great services out there. One thing that I stumbled upon was this It’s like a club a month, like the proverbial jelly of the month club. It’s just that. But there are so many different categories. There are 38 gourmet gifts from the baking club to the ice cream club to the movie and dinner club, some very neat service. This is the gift that keeps on giving. You purchase this for your loved one and they get this delivered monthly. The rates range from $30 per month to $50 per month. This is really neat.

Also for people who just can’t get out and about, maybe some convenience items. Going to the grocery store is difficult for people. There’s so many delivery services of groceries now. One in particular that I use is Peapod. They are great for a really nominal fee. You have increased delivered. It’s anywhere from $6.95 delivery free to $9.95 based on how much you spend. The minimum is $60 to purchase groceries. But it’s so convenient. You can have your groceries delivered unattended or schedule a time. It’s a really great service.

WADE WINGLER: That’s all good stuff. Speaking of staying at home or getting out and about, Laura, I know that you have a couple of items here that are about mobile technology. What you have on your list?

LAURA MEDCALF: First up I have the New Trent USB external battery charger, which is specifically engineered to be compatible with almost any mobile device including tablets, smartphones, you name it. Right now it’s fully compatible with Apple, Samsung, and most of the major brands including Go Pro, GPS, and more. Its sturdy build allows you to take it anywhere on the go.

When I think about this, I think about how important it is for me to have my iPhone handy at all times especially near the end of the day after the workday. I have a long bus ride home and it’s very important for me to have access to my iPhone. So this would be really handy for me to be able to charge it on the bus or before I leave work or whatever.

WADE WINGLER: And you’ve got a case that you want to talk about too?

LAURA MEDCALF: I do. It’s by Life Proof. They provide both iPad, iPhone cases, as well as Samsung Galaxy phone cases. There are four layers of protection from bangs, bumps, drops, rain, snow, drinks, spills, anything that could happen to your phone it pretty much protects. The price ranges from $80-$130.

WADE WINGLER: And that’s particularly useful for young kids who might have autism or cerebral palsy because those are the iPhones id iPads that are being dropped on a regular basis. It really offers a high level of protection for those things. That’s cool.

Patrick, what do you have in this category?

PATRICK SANDY: I have a couple of things. First of all I have the iPad. I think everybody is really familiar with the iPad by Apple Computers. They’ve come out with the iPad Air 2 now. Something that’s cool about it is it’s thinner than the regular iPad, as if that was possible. It really is thinner. It has the highest resolution in terms of the actual display than any other predecessor of it. I think that that is really cool for people when they are working with that over a period of time. You can really wear out your eyes on that with the screen. That’s a bonus. Plus, it has the ability to magnify things up to 14 times. So if you’ve got somebody who has a low vision issue, they can magnify things up so that it’s not going to stress their eyes is much to be able to use that.

In addition to that, it has a 10 hour battery. I think that’s a real plus too. Everybody runs out of battery life at some point when they are working on their iPad. This makes it so it’s reasonable for you to work on it all day long and still have a little bit of battery left. I thought that was a real bonus too. iPads, the price really varies a bit on those. You can count on spending around $500. With Christmas coming, there will be sales. Check local listings for prices, or if you are tech savvy, go online and you’ll be able to find some kind of deal there.

Another thing I found that was really cool was a Wireless Plug in Doorbell with Chimes & Strobe. What’s neat about it is it doesn’t require any wiring at all. You just put the doorbell on your door and you can carry this device around with you. It does a couple of different things. It will chime, and their is a volume control on the chime so you can make it loud if you’ve got somebody who just has a hearing issue. They can make it so they can hear it better. But also has a strobe light so that will attract your attention as well.

I liked it because it will work up to 100 feet from where the actual pushbutton is for the doorbell. You can carry it down — like in my family, my father for some reason always takes his turkey down to the basement to carve. I think it’s to keep people’s hands away from grabbing pieces while he’s carving. He would be able to take that down with them and, even though there is not a doorbell actually you hear in the basement, he would have that capability, at least on a temporary basis. It makes it so that you can be anywhere in the house and still have this thing and be able to tell somebody is at the door. I really like that. I figure I can use that too.

WADE WINGLER: That’s a great thing. It relies on the house wiring so you can plug it in anywhere and be able to get access unless your house is a really big one and is more than 100 feet away from the doorbell.

PATRICK SANDY: That could be a problem.

WADE WINGLER: Excellent. The one thing that I have in this category is a toy. I’m going to turn it on here is to see if it’ll make noise.

[Robotic Noises]

What I have here is a $100 MiP Robot. It’s from WooWee which is actually a pretty big maker of consumer-grade robotics. The thing that I like about this little guy is you can control him with your iPhone. You buy him, you put some AAA batteries and him, and then you can use an app on your iPhone and drive him around your house kind of like a remote control car.

The other thing that’s fascinating about this robot for me is that he has a game in there called Cans. He has a can of Happy and a can of Sad and a can of Sleepy and a couple of cans that are particularly Stinky or Rude. But the idea behind these is you use this app and you give the robot a can of Happy and he exhibits happy. He says Woohoo! And spins around in circles. Or if you give him a can of Sad on the app, he asked sad and mopes around. The idea is there are a lot of kids on the autism spectrum who have a hard time identifying and understanding those emotions. This is a really good way to practice that, and to practice that in a nonjudgmental way with a really cool robot that you can drive around the house and practice your recognition of emotions. Kind of a cool thing. I always am a sucker for a robot story anyway. I read those all the time on the show. But I’m really excited about this little MiP robot. I got this one from target for about $100.

Here’s another holiday installment of An App Worth Mentioning by our partners over at BridgingApps.

AMY BARRY: ‘Tis the season for new technology! This is Amy Barry with BridgingApps, and in this segment, I’m going to share some of our current holiday mobile technology favorites for assistive technology. If you’re considering gifting technology for the holidays, you may appreciate some guidance on sorting out which mobile device to purchase.

Smaller tablets are quickly becoming a favorite technology device. They are easy to carry around and offer the accessibility features that full-sized tablets boast. Mini tablets are the gifts that keep on giving year-round because they provide educational support, organizational tools, and entertainments. Currently, three of the most popular mini tablets are the iPad Mini, Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HDX. Let’s compare. Keep in mind that the prices vary.

The first is the iPad mini. The price starts at $299. It works on the Apple iOS operating system and iCloud. Some of its pros are the simplicity of use, the past app market, and it’s excellent accessibility options. The cons are that it is more expensive than the other tablets.

The next tablet is the Google Nexus 7. The price starts at $229. It works on the Android operating system. The pros are its value, it has an increasing app market, and it also is growing in accessibility options. Cons being that there are issues with accessibility options on the device and also the mediocre camera.

The third mini device is the Kindle Fire HDX. The price starts at $179 and it works on Amazon’s Fire operating system. Some pros are that it’s affordable. It’s an excellent e-reader. And it does have great accessibility options. Cons being that there is a limited app selection, and the interface is geared towards buying items from Amazon.

So some of our favorite holiday apps this year are Star Fall Snowman, Holiday Charades, Decorate the Christmas Tree with Elf on the Shelf Christmas game, Chai on Hanukkah, The Nutcracker and The Mystery of the Disappearing Cheese, Holiday Bingo, Cookie Doodle, Peekaboo Presents, Sleeps to Christmas-Christmas Countdown.

For more information on these apps and others like it, visit

WADE WINGLER: And we are saving the best for last here. We can’t hardly think about the holidays without thinking about yummy food and base tastes the holidays. Nikol, when you think about the tastes of the holidays, welcome to mind?

NIKOL PRIETO: Definitely candied yams with marshmallows all over them, sugar cookies, and my Grandma Morgan’s fudge. She doesn’t have a recipe. She makes everything. She makes peanut butter and chocolate and pecan log and everything. She doesn’t use a recipe and by the end of the time, she’s got blisters on her hands when she’s done making at. I know that the tradition will not live past her so I savor every time I get to have that at Christmas.

WADE WINGLER: That’s amazing. Laura, how about you?

LAURA MEDCALF: My favorite taste is my mother’s macaroni and cheese. I’m a huge macaroni and cheese fan, and every Christmas she makes her famous macaroni and cheese, homemade, and that’s always a joy. I also really love my grandmother’s Hummingbird cake which has a whole bunch of favor. It’s my favorite cake in the whole universe. She won’t to tell me the recipe yet.

WADE WINGLER: It’s not got hummingbirds in it, does it?

LAURA MEDCALF: No. It’s vegetarian.

NIKOL PRIETO: I never heard of that. That sounds interesting.

LAURA MEDCALF: It’s delicious. It’s so wonderful.

WADE WINGLER: That’s good. Mine is kind of similar. We lost my mom a few years ago, but she used to make this amazing cheese ball. No matter how much I’ve tried, I can’t replicate the cheese ball. But my sister can. Once a year during the holidays, we get my sister to make the cheese ball, and she makes it just exactly like my mom did. It makes us think about my mom and some of those warm holiday memories too. Patrick?

PATRICK SANDY: That would definitely be my father’s turkey and my mother’s salad dressing. They are both just amazing. The holidays aren’t the holidays without them.

WADE WINGLER: So Nikol, today we’ve covered a lot of interesting technology and all kinds of holiday stuff. I’m going to guess that some people are going to listen and said I want to learn more about that particular technology or that gift idea. How can they find out about some of the things we talked about?

NIKOL PRIETO: We are going to compile the information. We’ll have the name of the product, the price, and a link to the site to find additional information on that. We’ll get the list together in we’ll put it in the body of our show notes. So the podcast will come out on Black Friday, and also on December 5. That’ll be posted to the blog on that date. If you search back through the podcast and go to that, you’ll see that in all of the body of the notes of the podcast.

WADE WINGLER: And with that, we conclude our fourth annual assistive technology update holiday episode. We wish you all the merriest of Christmases and happiest of holidays.

Do you have a question about assistive technology? Do you have a suggestion for someone we should interview on Assistive Technology Update? Call our listener line at 317-721-7124. Looking for show notes from today’s show? Head on over to Shoot us a note on Twitter @INDATAProject, or check us out on Facebook. That was your Assistance Technology Update. I’m Wade Wingler with the INDATA Project at Easter Seals Crossroads in Indiana.

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