WatchMinder: Vibrating Watch and Reminder System

There are several options available for individuals with ADHD, asthma, diabetes, etc., to ensure that they are staying on track with their medications and more.  And with all the smart devices on the market today, there are many apps specifically designed to aide said individuals.  However, Dr. Laurence Becker, child psychologist, felt alerts on phones or wristwatches can be too disruptive to these individuals as well as those around them, so he created the WatchMinder.

The WatchMinder is exactly as it sounds: a watch and reminder system.  It was designed specifically for individuals with ADHD, but it has been proven useful for many other conditions.  There were two issues commonly found in similar watches:

  1. Users could only set up to 2-3 reminders daily, and
  2. The reminders were disruptive to the user and those surrounding.

With this device, one can set specific, unlimited reminders throughout his or her day, and it vibrates rather than making a noise for the least amount of disruption. Another great feature is its on-screen programming, meaning no other devices are necessary.  Because it is so simple, the elderly often use the WatchMinder to remind them to take their medications, or even remind them of doctor’s appointments.

As they state on their website, the WatchMinder is simple, programmable and discreet, and can help keep people on track with the least amount of disruption.

To learn more on the WatchMinder click here or watch the video below:

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