Virtual Speech Center, 3 Speech and Language Apps

There are many resources available to help individuals with communication disorders, but I recently stumbled across one that offers countless language apps.  Virtual Speech Center Inc. was founded in 2011 by speech and language pathologist Beata Klarowska, and her husband Bartosz, a software engineer.  It takes speech and language therapy apps to the next level by incorporating games as reward components.  There are several games featured in Virtual Speech Center’s apps including puzzles, board games, and sports and carnival themed games.

There are 3 apps found in the Deluxe Language Bundle on the Virtual Speech Center’s website I wanted to highlight:

1. Auditory Workout, $19.99

Auditory Workout was created by a certified speech and language pathologist for children ages 4-10.  It is research-based and focuses on improving auditory attention and memory and auditory processing of verbal directions.  This engaging, colorful app includes over 1,000 audio instructions and a feature that allows auditory workoutusers to set background noise.

When playing the game, children are immediately welcomed by a basketball coach who encourages them to work hard.  For each correct response chosen, children earn a basketball.  Once enough basketballs are accumulated, they can play a game of catch and/or basketball.  This app allows children to follow increasingly longer directions and includes more than 13 levels  of difficulty divided into four categories:

  • Basic and spatial directions
  • Temporal directions
  • Conditional directions
  • Quantitative directions
 2. Auditory Memory Ride, $19.99

This app is a comprehensive and engaging app for students ages 6-13 with central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) or other related disorders (such as autism).  This app offers over 1000 stimuli with pre-recorded audio with the option to introduce background noise.  It includes both recall and recognition tasks with the option of delaying the stimuli.  There are four modes of delay available:

  • No delay
  • 5-second delay
  • 10-second delay
  • 15-second delay
3. Syntax Workout, $16.99

syntaxSyntax Workout is part of the “Workout” series developed by Virtual Speech Center.  In this app, children will be welcomed by a bowling coach who encourages them to work hard.  Children will receive a bowling ball for each correct response.  Once they’ve accumulated enough balls they can play a game.

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