VisiTalks: Connecting Deaf and Hearing People

Communication between deaf and hearing individuals can be quite challenging.  Fortunately, there are devices already available to help knock this communication barrier down such as Uni by MotionSavvy.  There is also another piece of technology in production called VisiTalks.

According to its website, VisiTalks is the first of its kind as it is a unique combination of software and hardware which allows real-time video communication.  The VisiTalks product “gives the opportunity for deaf to talk and hear, and for people who don’t know sign language to speak without typing or using a third-party translator.”

The hardware for this device consists of gloves and an elbow bandage, with each glove containing 17 sensors, plus 1 sensor in the elbow bandage.  To begin conversing via VisiTalks, an individual who is deaf should connect the specially designed gloves to his/her computer and calibrate the device using the product’s calibration module.  After calibrating, the VisiTalks software and gloves are ready for conversation!  The hearing user only needs a microphone and headphones in order to communicate with the user who is deaf.

Check out this graphic from their website illustrating the device:


The creators behind this device are currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to try and make their product free for everyone!  To learn more about VisiTalks, be sure to check out their website.



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