Caref GPS Phone Watch

There are so many watches on the market with built-in health trackers, GPS navigation, phone compatibility and more, each costing over $200.  However, there are more affordable options, such as the Caref GPS Phone Watch, ideal for individuals who often wander off such as those with autism and Alzheimer’s.  Caref is a company that offers an affordable watch, phone, and GPS device all wrapped into one waterproof watch device.

Caref watch

Caref is the world’s smallest GPS watch.  Though it is small, it is powerful and can help provide peace of mind due to its GPS tracking abilities.  By downloading the free MyCaref app available on both Google Play and App Store, parents can keep track of their children’s location at all times while they wear the watch.

In addition to its GPS tracking, Caref also features an SOS button and has two-way voice communication.  This way a child can obtain some independence with added safety.  The watch is programmed to automatically send location every 10 minutes, but will also allow users to request location on demand.

Caref GPS Phone Watch Features:

  • Voice and Text: Wearers have the ability to send and receive calls from the watch.  A parent, teacher or caregiver may send text messages to the watch.
  • Precise GPS Tracking: By using assisted GPS and cell triangulation, Caref tracks location within approximately 10 feet.
  • SOS Button: When pressed, the SOS Button sends the location to the app and calls a list of phone numbers programmed in the watch.  If the first number doesn’t answer, it will call the next number on the list.
  • Bread Crumbing: See where a child has been.  Caref records location history every 10 minutes so users can see where their child has been in the last 3 hours.
  • Geo-Fence Boundaries:  Parents/caregivers are able to set up a child safety zone by drawing a boundary on the free app.
  • Long-lasting Battery: Low-power consumption ensures long battery life (24 hours or more under normal conditions.)
  • Low Battery Alert: Caref sends a text alert to the smartphone if the watch battery is running low.

Click here to visit the Caref Website

Click here to view the Caref User Guide

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