Step into the future with REX Bionics

Though there are no cures for individuals with spinal cord injuries or other mobility impairments, technology such as REX Bionics, is helping these individuals regain freedom.  According to its website, REX is the “world’s first hands-free, self-supporting, independently-controlled robotic walking device.”

REX Bionics currently offers two separate products:

1. REX P

The REX P is a robotic mobility device designed for use at work or home.  Each REX P is custom built for the individual and is entirely self-supporting, giving users the ability to remain stable and balance when using their hands.

(NOTE: REX P is not registered with the US FDA and is not available for sale in the USA.)

2. REX

REX is a hands-free robotic mobility device designed for rehabilitation.  It is designed for individuals with mobility impairments and is completely self-supporting and easily adjustable for each user.

REX Bionics is working with physiotherapists to develop the practice of Robot-Assisted Physiotherapy (RAP).  In a single session of RAP, “REX lifts patients from a sitting position into a robot-supported standing position, rex bionicsallowing them to take part in a set of supported walking and stretching exercises.”

Wheelchair users are at risk for developing numerous medical complications from sitting down for extended periods of time.  REX offers many health benefits by granting these individuals the ability to stand, walk and exercise.

REX Bionic Device Features:

  • Can be used by individuals with a complete spinal cord injury up to the C4/5 level;
  • Protects shoulders from injury, thereby safeguarding independence;
  • Does not require any crutches or a walking frame for stability, thus leaving the hands free;
  • Addresses medical complications of extended wheelchair use.

To learn more about REX Bionics, click here.

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