The Krabat Pilot Crawling Aid

For individuals with mobility impairments or developmental delays, the “simple” act of crawling may prove to be rather challenging.  The developers behind the Krabat Pilot acknowledge this and have thus created the unique crawling aid.

Unlike traditional crawling aids, the Krabat Pilot provides sufficient active assistance lifting the hips.  According to Krabat’s website, “When a child receives help to lift his/her hips it becomes easier for them to place the knees under their body to facilitate crawling.” krabat pilot The Krabat Pilot supports a child on their hands and knees, creating the pre-stage to crawling and moving around.

The device is very modern and carefully designed to be sturdy yet compact and easy to carry.  Here is further explanation of the device from the Krabat Pilot brochure:

We strongly advise the use of the Krabat Pilot as early as possible while the child is motivated to get up on to their hands and knees, and crawl.  The patented aid has a gas spring which gives the child a dynamic assistance to lift their pelvis.  The amount of assistance given by the gas spring can be individually adjusted to meet the needs of the child.

It is easy placing a child in the Kabat Pilot.  Apart from a strap which is positioned in the groin and buttock area, the child is not fixed to the aid.  By limiting attachment, the child is able to move about freely, which is important for crawling and the overall well-being of the child.

To learn more about Krabat and other innovative products, visit the Krabat website.

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