Monitor epilepsy and more with the Embrace Watch

Did you know 1 in every 26 Americans will experience epilepsy at some point in his or her life?  Further, today more than 65 million people are affected by epilepsy around the globe.  There may be several resources available to help warn these individuals of an oncoming seizure, but now there is a sleek, new wearable designed specifically for epilepsy (and more) called Embrace.

Embrace is a “gorgeous smartwatch designed to save the lives of others.”  The device features medical-grade technology which monitors physiological stress, arousal, sleep and physical activity.  It is the thinnest smartwatch of its kind and embrace smartwatchfeatures an Italian leather band and a strong case.  It snaps on easily, then tightens with a magnet for perfect fit.

When individuals who have epilepsy wear Embrace, they will be alerted when an unusual event occurs, such as a convulsive seizure.  It will then alert caregivers, roommates, or parents via their smartphones, so someone can check on them.  The caregiver may also wear a companion Embrace, so whenever the two Embraces are within range, the caregiver’s Embrace will also vibrate.

Here is an interesting excerpt from Embrace’s Indiegogo page.  If you’re interested in this scientific snippet, be sure to read more scientific literature here.

Electrodermal activity, or EDA, is autonomic data that is activated by regions deep in the brain involved in emotions such as fear, anxiety, and positive excitement.  It is strongly activated during the kinds of seizures that involve a region of the brain that has been shown to shut down breathing.

Embrace for autism and more

Though the device is proven useful for individuals with epilepsy, it is also noted to be helpful for other people, such as those on the autism spectrum.  In the FAQ section of Embrace’s website, readers will find a helpful explanation explaining why this smartwatch could also be beneficial for those with autism:

…It may surprise people around them [individuals with autism] as to what causes their stress to go up or down.  For example, fluorescent lights, smells, or sounds may cause it to go up hugely for one person.  Some kinds of touching or physical contact can also cause autonomic activation to rise for some people, while for others, deep pressure and a hug may be deeply comforting, causing what Embrace measures to go low.

Embrace can help you see, for yourself or a loved one, which things in your life make your autonomic stress (or ‘autonomic arousal’) go up or down…

The smartwatch will let you set alerts to gently vibrate when levels begin to alter.  Further, some individuals are unaware when their stress levels begin increasing, and don’t know until it’s too late (e.g. when a meltdown happens).  The watch can alert you each time the signal ascends, so that you can learn what it feels like when it’s still low, but climbing.  According to Embrace, “This awareness may help prevent unpleasant meltdowns.”

Because Embrace monitors patterns of sleep, autonomic stress, temperature, and activity, it may also be helpful for other medical or health conditions.  To learn more on this wearable, be sure to visit their website.

DISCLAIMER: As always, you should first consult your doctor to ensure Embrace may be right for you.  

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