EazyHold: Assistive Grip Straps

Completing daily tasks, (e.g. eating, writing, brushing teeth, etc.,) are often challenging for individuals with limited to no grip strength, such as those with arthritis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy and more.  Fortunately, there are resources available to help eazyhold utensilssaid individuals complete their daily tasks independently!  One resource available is the EazyHold assistive grip straps.

According to the EazyHold website, “EazyHold is a simple but innovative grip assist strap that easily attaches to tools, toys, utensils and more!”  The straps are made of soft, flexible food-grade silicone, and are latex free.  Upon browsing the company’s site, you’ll notice 11 options available to choose from, depending on each individual’s needs.

Options available from EazyHold:

  • Therapist/Teacher 7 Pack
    • Complete set of 7 EazyHold grip straps for anyone who needs a variety of sizes to fit many ages and abilities from infant to adult.
  • Youth to Adult 5 Pack
    • This set includes 5 EazyHold straps for youth to adult.  They can be used for pens, toothbrushes, tools, toys, and more.
  • Infant to Youth 5 Pack
    • This set consists of 5 of the silicone grip straps to make holding objects easier.  It features the smallest sized EazyHold straps for infant to youth up to approximately 10 years.
  • Two Pack: Sippy Cup/Bottle Holder — 7.5 inches
    • This two pack of EazyHold silicone straps fit over baby bottles, sippy cups, water and sports drink bottles, large toys, musical instruments and more.  They can even be doubled up for two-handed use.
  • Two Pack: Lavender — 5.5 inches
    • This two pack consists of straps for individuals 10 years of age through adulthood.  These are ideal for eating utensils, fine art brushes, toothbrushes, styluses and more.
  • Two Pack: Blue — 5.25 inches
    • This two pack fits the hands of children and adults.  It fits toys, markers, brushes, musical instruments and more.
  • Two Pack: Aqua — 6.5 inches
    • This two pack fits children 10 years of age through adulthood.  This size is ideal for electric toothbrushes, cooking utensils, scrub brushes, hairbrushes, and more.  According to its description, it has “a wider opening for larger implements.”
  • Two Pack: Yellow — 4 inches
    • This two pack features the smallest sized straps for either the “littlest of hands to hold utensils and toys, or for adult fingertip control of pencils, fine art brushes, small grooming aids and more.”  The openings on each end of these straps are smaller so they grip tight to each object.
  • Two Pack: Pink — 4 inches
    • This two pack offers two small child’s size assist straps for toys, utensils, markers, teethers, and more.  They are the same length as the yellow straps (4 inches) but feature wider openings for larger implements.
  • Two Pack: Orange — 5 inches
    • This two pack offers straps for youth to adults with smaller hands for eating utensils, grooming aids, paint brushes, styluses, and more.
  • Two Pack: Green — 4.5 inches
    • This two pack features two child-sized (up to 10 years) silicone grip straps, ideal for eating utensils, toys, markers, paint brushes, and more.

Click here to learn more about EazyHold grip straps.

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