RCx-1000 Remote Control Speakerphone

For individuals with mobility impairments (and more), answering a telephone may prove to be rather challenging.  A possible solution for these individuals is the remote control speakerphone, RCx-1000, from Harris Communications.

RCx-1000 speakerphoneThe RCx-1000 is a remote control speakerphone that was specifically designed for individuals with low mobility.  The RCx-1000 allows users to answer calls with voice commands–making the process of answering the phone hands-free!

In addition to operating by voice commands, the speakerphone can also be operated with the included wireless remote.  Making a call is simple and can be done through the remote!  By pressing the button on the remote, the phone will run through the 32 pre-programmed numbers.  Once the desired number is highlighted, simply press the pendant again.  There is also a standard numeric keypad on the RCx-1000 so users may dial any number manually.

Features of RCx-1000:

  • Voice activated answering for incoming calls
  • Large 3 inch speaker for high quality sound, volume and clarity
  • 90dB+ loud ringer
  • 32-one touch memory buttons for easy dialing of frequently dialed numbers
  • Missed call indicator
  • Flash hook switch
  • 3.5 mm multimedia jack for headphones
  • 3.5 mm multimedia jack for microphone
  • Battery back-up (6 NiMH rechargeable AA batteries included)
  • Wireless remote with AC adapter power and battery backup (Includes one 12V battery).
  • Also comes with wall mount bracket and a lanyard for wireless remote.

To learn more about the RCx-1000 and other products available from Harris Communications, click here.

You may also view the User Manual PDF found here.

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