Wingman Harness

For individuals with certain mobility impairments, physical therapy is necessary to maintain strength and flexibility.  However, according to this article, “it’s not guaranteed to fix all movement issues.”  Dr. Christopher Spinelli is a Pediatrician in Springfield, Missouri who has a daughter with special needs.  He stated how she was in physical therapy early on, but didn’t become as functional as they’d hoped.  As a potential solution, he developed the Wingman Harness.

Dr. Spinelli wanted to develop a harness that was able to “fit on her anatomically without impeding her using her body so she would have to do the work and therefore get stronger.”  Dr. Spinelli decided to manufacture the Wingman Harness after receiving positive feedback form his daughter’s physical therapist.  The harness is now being used across the nation, including therapy programs at the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic.

The Wingman Harness was developed to benefit a myriad of people with different mobility impairments.  It retails for about $200 on the Wingman Harness website, and is available in two different sizes:

  1. Large Wingman Multi-Sport Regular for ages 10+.
  2. Small Wingman Multi-Sport for ages 2-10 in a medical setting, or ages 3-10 in a non-clinical setting.

Features of the Wingman Harness:

  • Adjustable harness:
    • The adjustable straps on the harness allow it towingman harness be tailored to fit the specific wearer.  This is necessary to provide the security and safety for their unique physical therapy needs.
  • Strap connectors:
    • The straps on the harness include clips to ensure the straps don’t become an impediment.  “Through constant review and iteration we have meticulously gone over every detail of the Wingman Harness to ensure that it is as useful and successful for you as it was for us.”
  • Handle:
    • The harness is constructed with military-grade materials.  “The back plate and verticle handle provide the ergonomic support needed for the wearer to receive healthy and safe therapy.”  It also provides support for the therapist or parent in an ergonomic and safe way for their own bodies.
  • Ceiling strap:
    • The ceiling strap is optional, but allows the harness to be worn during treadmill use or tracked physical therapy.
  • Top notch components“:
    • The harness is constructed in the USA of military-grade components by military gear manufacturers.
    • It has to be high quality, so there are no corners cut when it comes to the safety and security of the wearer.  The harness was made for and use for adults and children with special needs, including the founder’s daughter.”

Click here to learn more about the Wingman Harness.

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