Forbrain: Auditory Processing Product

A startup company, Sound For Life Ltd., has developed a revolutionary patented device to aid speech and auditory processing by using auditory feedback.  Forbrain® is a headset that uses “groundbreaking technologies to create an enhanced audio-vocal loop which enables users to improve their speech.”

Because the device optimizes the audio-vocal loop’s
operating ability, Forbrain can significantly improve Forbrainone’s attention, concentration, verbal working memory and short-term memory.  The audio-vocal loop is the natural process by which every individual “perceives, analyzes, assimilates and continuously adjusts the information individually received and produced through sound.”

How does Forbrain work?

  • Bone conduction
    • As an experiment, try this: plug your ears with your fingers and say something.  Hear how your voice resonates clearly in your head, despite your muted ears?  The sound is traveling faster than through the air.
  • Dynamic filter
    • The dynamic filter enhances specific frequencies of speech and constantly surprises the brain to increase memory, attention and sensory processing.
  • Auditory feedback loop
    • The device corrects the way you hear your own voice leading to better speech production and increased confidence.

Using Forbrain is as simple as reading text out loud for a few minutes or speaking to another person.  To learn more, visit the Forbrain website.

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