Tool Factory’s Switch Software Bundle

Tool Factory is a leader in innovative educational technology with a mission to “improve US education by providing superior educational software, hardware, staff development options, and a selection of special education products.”  One product provided on their website is their Switch Software Bundle.

The Switch Software Bundle is one of several products within their category: Interactive Special Needs Software.  When you visit this category, you’ll have the option to purchase the software by individual titles and sets, or in a software bundle!

One bundle (out of 8) available is Tool Factory’s Switch Software Bundle.  I wanted to write about this one particularly since it was designed for switch use.  This bundle features 15 different early learning and special educational programs.

switch software bundle

Switch Software Bundle’s Programs:

  1. Listening Skills:
    • Students work with objects, words, and numbers to develop and practice auditory skills.
  2. Memory Skills:
    • Features 4 activities to help build confidence and short-term memory skills.
  3. Sorting Skills:
    • Students work with objects, letters, and numbers to develop sorting skills.
  4. Identification Skills:
    • Builds word-to-picture association using search, color, size and match activities.
  5. Matching Skills:
    • Strengthen color, shape and size matching skills with 4 unique activities.
  6. Eye Track:
    • Help strengthen visual perception skills by training students to recognize, recall, discriminate, and make meaning of what they see.
  7. Sound Beginnings Making Sounds:
    • By focusing on the building blocks of speech, students move objects on the screen using their voices.
      • Helps develop communication skills and vocalization
  8. A Busy Day:
    • Focuses on concrete everyday language as users practice reading, writing, and communication skills.
  9. Touch It Transport:
    • Students work on hand-eye coordination skills as they select moving images of transportation objects in a completely wordless interface.
  10. Letter Olympics:
    • Assists with the discrimination between the consonants “b” and “d”.
  11. ReacTickles 2:
    • “Simple, interactive, textless activities allow users to freely explore dynamic interactions without judgment or fear.”
  12. Think About! 1:
    • Explore everyday life within animated stories promoting reading comprehension through true or false questions, sequencing, matching, and recollection activities.
  13. Observation Skills:
    • Students reinforce skills they need to understand pattern and shape, helping in the development of observational skills.
  14. FacePaint 2:
    • By using images or text, students can create silly faces while developing language and self-expression.
  15. Monkeys, Ducks, and Frogs:
    • 21 fun-filled activities developed to improve counting, basic math skills, and computer skills.

Click here to learn more about the Switch Software Bundle.

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