Steady your tremors with GyroGlove

It’s estimated that approximately 10 million people experience essential tremors in America.  Essential tremor is defined as “a brain disorder that causes a part of your body to shake uncontrollably.  The unintentional shaking motion is called a tremor.”  Multiple medical conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, can cause tremors but sometimes the cause of tremors is unknown.  While there is no known cure, several treatments are available.  However, if you experience tremors and want to seek alternative treatments, check out GyroGlove!  The inventors of GyroGlove seek to “restore quality of life and independence to those with tremors.”

Researching the GyroGlove was exciting for me as I have been experiencing tremors my entire life but avoid medications due to side effects.  As I’ve grown older, the tremors have steadily worsened, but I’ve lived with them for more than 20 years so I suppose you could say I’m used to them.  That is, until someone chooses to point out the obvious, asking me 20 questions: “Are you okay?!  Your hands are shaking like crazy! What’s wrong!?  Are you cold!?  Why are you so nervous!?  Why are your hands shaking?!  Do they always shake!?”  I often kindly reply with a smile and a smart remark, “Oh, I suppose I just had waaaaaaay too much coffee today!”

The reality is though, I shake and I don’t know why.  I do know tremors affect my life every single day in multiple ways, and though I’m used to them, they still make daily tasks much harder.  Here are a few challenges I encounter daily:

  1. Inserting and removing my contact lenses.
  2. Applying mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick.
  3. Pouring and drinking any liquid.
  4. Eating.  I avoid ordering anything too liquidy or messy when I’m out in public as more than 1/3 of it will inevitably end up all over me.  (See also: Liftware: bring the joy back to mealtime)
  5. Typing on a keyboard.
  6. Writing, painting, and any form of craft.
  7. Completing any task on my smartphone.
  8. Aaaaand more.
So enough about me, let’s learn more about the GyroGlove!

The GyroGlove utilizes gyroscope technology.  According to GyroGear (developers of GyroGlove), “Gyroscopes are spinning discs inspired by bleeding edge aerospace technology, but no more different gyroglovethan children’s toy tops.  Gyroscopes do their utmost to stay upright–they conserve angular momentum.  These spinning discs thus counter any input of force instantaneously and proportionally.”

In layman’s terms, these spinning discs are what stabilize one’s tremors when wearing the GyroGlove.  Early stage testing of the glove demonstrates a significant reduction of tremors of over 80%.  (These tests were conducted on a rig calibrated to a severe hand tremor.)

The GyroGlove is currently in development and is patent-pending.  If you’d like to stay up-to-date with this revolutionary technology, you can subscribe here.

To learn more about the GyroGlove, be sure to visit the GyroGear homepage.


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