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Structure and consistency help set children up for success.  This is especially true for individuals with ADHD, autism, or other special needs.  The app Brili is designed to make daily routines simple, fun for kids, and stress-free for families.  So what is Brili?

Brili is the “first interactive platform that guides kids through everyday routines–employing best practices of game design and child psychology.”  To use the app, simply set up a routine for mornings, bedtimes, and any other challenging times of day.  Then watch your child take control of their daily activities!

Dr. Stephen Scott, the Director of National Academy for Parenting Research stated, “Brili supports recognized best practices in parenting by giving families an easy-to-use framework for consistent, repeatable routines and giving children more ability to self-manage.”

Using the Brili Routines App:

Set up a routine

Because Brili syncs instantly across all devices, Parent Mode can be accessed on the parent’s own device or on the child’s.  Once in Parent Mode, parents are able to set up custom routines to help their child through each part of their day, such as the steps to get ready for school.

Bring it to life

The routines will then be displayed as a game in Kid Mode, demonstrating what is coming up next, how much time left, and prompting them at appropriate times to help keep them on track.  Parents are able to monitor in realtime from another device, anywhere anytime!

Features of the Brili Routines App:

  • Visual timer for each activity
  • Timeline shows current activity in the context of the full routine
  • Audible and visual prompts help keep children on task
  • Parents and children receive a notification/alarm when routines are scheduled to start on their respective devices.z for children
  • App remembers settings in Kid Mode so children don’t have to sign in each time.
  • Automatically selects the correct routine for the time of day.
  • Run any routine any time of day.
  • Durations automatically adjust based on a child’s ability to complete them:
    • If activities are completed quicker than estimated, children maximize free time for a desirable activity at the end of the task
    • If tasks take longer than expected or begin late, “subsequent activity durations are dynamically recalculated to ensure all activities are completed by desired end time.”
    • Set routines to start or end by a specific time: by specifying the end time, the app calculates the start time (and vice versa)
  • Parents set a star value for each activity
    • Children earn points for completing each activity
    • Both parents and children redeem points together for mutually agreed-upon rewards;
    • Children earn free-time for completing activities more quickly

To learn more, check Brili out on iTunes or Google Play.

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