6 Happi Papi Educational Apps

Happi Papi is a company dedicated to developing fun educational apps for children on iOS and Android devices.  The company released its first educational app back in 2011, and has continued providing exciting learning apps for children.  Keep on reading to learn more about the variety of apps available by Happi Papi!

Happi Create: Coming this Fall!

Before diving into the company’s apps, I’d like to briefly discuss their most recent project set to launch this fall: Happi Create.  “Happi Create is a content crowdsourcing service where people create and subscribe to new levels for supported apps – all for free.”  In other words, it is a platform that allows you to develop your own educational app “in 5 minutes.”  From the information provided on the Happi Papi website discussing Happi Create, I believe this platform will be very useful for educators as they can quickly develop apps focused on specific core curriculum.

The blog on Happi Create lists how to use the platform:

  1. Decide what type of app you’d like to create by selecting one of the many App Designers available on Happi Create
  2. Begin by creating a box to put your content in.
    • Boxes within Happi Create will become levels in your app.
  3. Now you’re ready to begin adding your content.  “The App Designer will make sure everything looks top notch.  Tailor your content to meet your specific learning needs.”
  4. Once you’re finished entering content, simply activate your box and it’ll automatically appear within your app.

To learn more and to pre-register for Happi Create, click here.

6 Happi Papi Educational Apps:

1. Happi Reads

Happi Reads is the first app from Happi Papi.  It is an exciting learn to read game for early learners and engages children with a colorful, single-word reading activity.  Every level provides audio feedback and yummy rewards to eat.  The words become increasingly difficult each level, with 100 words in 4 different levels.


  • Easy-to-read everyday words
  • Ability to change between upper and lower case letters
  • Relaxing background music (can be muted)
  • Vivid and unique artwork
  • Rewarding and fun gameplay
  • No ads or confusing screen settings
  • Available in 8 languages
2. Happi Words

Happi Words is a vocabulary, spelling, and word association game developed for children ages 6-9.  While playing this game, children will have fun trying to figure out the word from the scrambled letters provided, spelling it, and then collecting silly characters.


  • Has been recommended for individuals with special needs by Apps for Children with Special Needs
  • Unique and colorful illustrations
  • Ability to create multiple user profiles
  • Super engaging as the child will want to collect all of the Collector cards
3. Happi Spells

Happi Spells is a great app to play once a child has learned basic reading.  Within the app, children will have fun solving mini-crossword puzzles.  It’s a fun way to practice spelling by dragging letter tiles on to 60 different crossword puzzles.  The fewer mistakes you make, the more “snails” you’ll earn.


  • Hours of fun filled spelling practice with more than 300 words in 60 increasingly difficult puzzles
  • Audio feedback
  • Ability to change between upper and lowercase letters
  • Audio feedback (optional)
  • Unique and vivid illustrations and backgrounds
  • Earn points and “snails” and try to better your high score
4. Happi &  The Word Thief

“Oh no! A Word Thief is on the loose in the town stealing all the words and letters!”  In Happi & The Word Thief, children have fun helping out the town and earning a detective badge.  It is a fast-paced spelling game where players have to find all the hidden words before the silly Word Thief steals them.


  • Each round consists of 2 parts:
    • Word finding and detective’s challenge OR word recovery
      • If you find all of the words before the thief has a chance to steal them, you’ll go on to the detective’s challenge
      • If the Word Thief beats you to it, you’ll have to recover the stolen words by spelling them
  • Supports 8 languages
    • Can be easily changed inside app make it easy to switch back and forth for bilingual children
  • Each level offers lifelines to help if you get stuck
5. Happi 123

Happi 123 is an exciting math game for early learners.  When playing on this app, children will learn addition, subtraction, counting, number series and pattern recognition in a nonlinear fashion.  “You can start with the easiest level or jump right into something more difficult.  Each level, or more correctly, practice area has an accompanying puzzle that reinforces the concept further.”


  • Children will be rewarded with special badges in each practice round
  • Puzzles in between levels also have rewards:
    • Complete the puzzles and earn funny disguises for the game’s puppet master Papi the Tiger
  • 5 different beginning math concepts
  • Timed practice level with high score
  • All numbers said aloud
  • Vivid and original graphics and decor
  • Available in 6 different languages
6. QuizFlick Jr.

In this app, players can compete against friends and family in “a one-of-a-kind type of quiz game.”  It features over 200 categories and can be played by adults and children of all ages.  It is a fast-paced trivia game that can be passed around between 1-4 people (using same device).


  • Each game consists of 5-10 minute quiz portion followed by three 30-second flick games
  • First player to get 10 correct answers will lead the pack into an “intense 90 second flick round where the winner of the game is determined”
  • Includes 2 sets of questions: Adult and Kids
    • This means that players of all ages can compete together on equal terms.  Just choose if you want to play as an adult or child when you join the game.
  • All questions have been professionally written for this app.
  • Ideal for family game night, classroom, party or coffee breaks
  • Supports English, German, Swedish and Norwegian languages


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