Hundred Activity Mat

Learning Resources offers countless products which promote a variety of skills.  One of these products is the Hundred Activity Mat.  The Hundred Activity Mat is a fun, hands-on math tool which gets students “moving and grooving” with math!

hundred activity matThe Activity Mat is an oversize version of the familiar hundreds board.  The versatile mat reinforces a number of math concepts, such as:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Number sense
  • Counting
  • Number patterns
  • Much more!

Parents and teachers can download the Activity Guide, which includes a number of fun activities and games for students to play.

Activity Ideas:

  1. Fast Find:
    • Say a number and see how fast students can find it on the Hundred Mat
      • To increase difficulty, give a clue to a secret number and see how fast they can find that number
        • Example: “Find the number that is 7 more than 24.”
  2. Number Patterns:
    • Have students search for number patterns on the Hundred Mat
  3. Make 100:
    • Place a ring around any number on the Mat.  Challenge students to figure out how much more will make 100

Features of Hundred Activity Mat:

  • Students will have fun practicing counting, number patterns, place value, operations, problem-solving, and more on this oversized mat
  • Focuses attention on specific numbers and patterns (e.g. even and odd) through the use of double-sided, color-coded number frames
  • Great for kinesthetic learners
  • Includes:
    • 2 inflatable cubes for numbers 1-6 (measures 5″ L x 5″ H) and 54 square number frames
    • Wipe-clean vinyl mat (measures 4′ L x 4′ H)
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