Fidget Squishy Balls

Fun Fidget Squishy Balls are an ideal solution for users who love to fidget!  They’re also great for sensory input, strengthening hands, reducing stress, and more.

There is a variety of Squishy Balls available from Enable Mart.  The balls are made out of non-toxic, non-latex materials.  Each one is unique, yet they all offer the following benefits:

  • Strengthens hand muscles
  • Helps develop fine motor skills
  • Provides sensory input

fidget squishy balls

5 Fidget Squishy Balls:

  1. Bead Ball:
    • Made out of elastic skin
    • Filled with squeezable beads
    • Glides through fingers and sort of crunches
  2. Blobz Ball:
    • Made of flexible sticky skins
    • Watery, wavy motions when squished and squeezed
    • Flattens on impact, then oozes back to its original shape
  3. Bumpy Gel Ball:
    • Rubbery, bumpy outer shell
    • Bubbles when squeezed
  4. Color Morph Gel Ball:
    • Colors change when it’s squeezed
    • Great for teaching cause and effect
  5. Smiley Face Ball:
    • Filled with mini smiley spheres
    • Provides a satisfying physical sensation when squeezed

Note: Each ball sold separately.  They are recommended for individuals ages 5 and older.  These fidgets may break under extreme pressure, thus not recommended for children who play rough.

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