Enchroma : Color-correcting eyewear for color blindness

Color blindness is a condition where a person’s eyes are unable to see colors under normal light.  It affects millions of people worldwide and is most prominent in men; it affects 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women.  The condition ranges from a variety of classes, with red-green color blindness being the most common.  Enchroma is “the only specialty

Enchroma glasses
Image of Enchroma glasses.

eyewear that alleviates red-green color blindness, enhancing colors without the compromise of color accuracy.”


Creating Enchroma’s lens began as computer simulations.  Developers would construct complex models simulating colors and the extent of color blindness.  The website further describes the process of Enchroma’s development:

“To create this model, Enchroma utilized the latest research on the genetics of color blindness and various anomalies related to photopigments and linked these into a model where it gives the effect on how people with red or green colorblindness perceive colors.

The second step was to solve the problem by designing an optimal filter, targeting specific photopigments.  Enchroma created a patent-pending method called ‘multinotch’ filtering, cutting out sharp wavelengths of light to enhance specific colors.  Enchroma lenses separate the overlapping red and green cones, helping improve vision for people who have difficulty seeing reds and greens.”

The glasses are available in a variety of versatile styles.  If users are planning on using them indoors (e.g. watch TV, look at screens, etc.) they should consider the Indoor styles. For more versatile styles, there are also Outdoor glasses available in nearly a dozen styles.

Click here for more information on these specialty glasses.

If you live in Indiana, the glasses will soon be available for loan through our lending library.  Click here for more information on the library.

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