Easily Control Your Environment with Control Omni

From switching on lights to lifting the garage door, the Control Omni makes everyday tasks much easier for people with disabilities.

The latest in environmental control technology from Abilia, this device is an advanced remote-control system with a dynamic touchscreen and infrared scanning options for physically-impaired individuals unable to use direct touch. The built-in transmitter can “learn” infrared codes from other remote controls, such as those for a TV or stereo system.

Control Omni

This small device can operate multiple parts of your home — lights, home entertainment systems, hospital beds, doors, windows, you name it. When a daily task — like changing a channel or opening blinds — is complete, Control Omni alerts the user through a text or voice message. It’s essentially a digital caregiver.

Control Omni also works as a communication device, as it has a built-in mobile phone and it comes with a headset to ensure calls remain private. With the simple press of a button, it can send an alert in five different ways: infrared, radio, SMS, activating relay or by automatically calling a specific contact.

Here are some of the product’s key features and accessories:

  • Easy-to-navigate display menu
  • Fully customizable images, pages and background colors
  • Mini-arm for mounting infrared transmitters
  • A cable connection enabling control of the device from a wheelchair’s joystick
  • Voltage converter connected to wheelchair batteries to allow for charging
  • Docking station
  • Adjustable neck strap

The Control Omni is ideal for someone like Mary, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and has difficulty with everyday activities at home. This device allows her to act more independently, improving her daily life to a huge degree.

Among other things, Mary can more easily operate her bed, TV and radio. (She enjoys listening to music in the kitchen.) And she now stays in closer contact with friends, relatives and assistants, thanks to Control Omni’s easy-to-use mobile phone.

If you or a loved one could benefit from the Control Omni, visit http://www.abilia.com/en/product/control-omni for more information.

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