BILLY Footwear

Over the years I have written about a couple of different inclusive footwear options.  BILLY Footwear is yet another option that “smashes fashion with function” while blurring the line between adaptive and non-adaptive.

BILLY Footwear features stylish zipper shoes for wearers of all abilities.  According to the company’s website:

BILLY Footwear was founded on the principle of inclusion and perserverance.  Our company strives to add value to the lives of others and make a measurable difference in this world, one foot at a time.

Each pair of shoes from the BILLY line fully embody universal design.  Unlike many other “accessible” footwear options, these shoes feature a zipper function that opens from one side of the shoe all the way around the front toe, the upper is then able to fold over and open completely. billy footwear grey gif

This makes it easy to put the foot straight in from the top rather than sliding in toes first.  A gentle tug on the zipper-pull will close or open.

There are several different products available for individuals of all ages.  Check out the company’s website to learn more!