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For a student who is deaf, turning away from an interpreter to take notes can mean losing valuable seconds of classroom communication.  By the time they glance back up, a professor and interpreter have moved on, and the student could have no idea what they’ve missed.”  SignGlasses allows students to receive live sign language interpreting overlaid on top of the classroom environment through a pair of smart glasses.

SignGlasses combines smart glasses and off-site interpreters to assure students who are deaf can always see what’s going on.  Here’s how the glasses work:

A microphone is clipped onto a professor while a webcam records the lecture.  The feed is sent off-site to an interpreter, and footage of an interpreter is cast into the glasses or onto the student’s laptop.

signglasses for deaf students

Features of SignGlasses:

  • Students can re-watch every lecture with interpreting overlaid, make their own timestamped notes, and bookmark important parts of the lecture
  • Students can take their own notes or have their notetaker login to the platform
    • All notes are easily searchable afterward
  • Only requires an internet connection, student’s laptop, and a clip-on microphone for the professor; mic and glasses are provided by SignGlasses

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  1. I wish to have smartglasses that can read the sign languge and translated so i can talk TO a freind of mine

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