MagnusCards App

Traveling, shopping, and more can be challenging for individuals with autism or other special needs. Magnusmode is a company on a mission to give these individuals greater independence. They offer MagnusCards, which is a free app available on both Android and iOS devices. The MagnusCards app features Magnus, a boy who helps users “to focus and manage activities with decreased stress and greater independence.”

Here’s the inspiration behind the app:

“Magnusmode was founded by Nadia Hamilton, who was inspired by her brother Troy (a young man with autism) to build a company and a technology that creates a world where people with special needs can fully participate with independence and inclusion. Magnusmode has grown into a powerful accessibility movement that is transforming the way people with special needs interact in the world, and the way companies and brands interact with those individuals.”

MagnusCards are digital how-to guides for independent living. There are step-by-step instructions from Colgate-Palmolive, Tim Hortons, A&W, Toronto Pearson Airport, and much, much more.

Features of the MagnusCards App:

  • 12 categories of life skills learning including personal care, travel, shopping, and social
  • Available in both English and French (select your language of choice in your personal device settings)
  • No WiFi required: you can download card decks so they are available for offline use

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