Click Your Way to Success: Universal Paperclips

Looking for a fun, addictive game that is accessible with VoiceOver? Then take a look at Universal Paperclips.

Become a super-powerful AI who only wants one thing: paperclips. It may sound wild, but this game is sweeping the nation and for good reason. Universal Paperclips is designed to test your ability to know supply and demand all with a simple product. It is quite literally “click bait” for users to experience. The innate want for immediate gratification can be achieved through this game; just click, and your numbers go up.

Universal Paperclips

Simple Math Game

Available on desktop, Apple and Android devices, you can play the game almost anywhere. It begins as a simple math problem. How can you produce the right amount of paperclips for the most amount of profit while managing production cost, customer demand and output? For those who struggle with math, this can be a good step in the right direction toward understanding these difficult concepts.

The display is basic and almost archaic-looking, but that makes the game straightforward with no distracting flashy content. People who are interested in a potential financial future can learn the simple ins and outs through this non-traditional way.

With most video games in general, there are many key strokes and mouse maneuvers to make in order to win. With Universal Paperclips, all you do is “click.” Those people with limited mobility in their hands who still want to participate in stimulating brain games may have found the perfect game for them.

Universal Paperclips

The game ends if the player reaches 30.0 septendecillion paperclips, finishing the conversion of all matter in the universe into paperclips. With so many facets, it can be easy to get lost in the game and forget it is actually teaching you very valuable skills.

Universal Paperclips was made by game designer Frank Lantz, and while it initially appears to be an “idle clicker” game, it’s actually much more involved than that. It’s a series of puzzles using complex math, yet doesn’t require superintelligence, to solve.

Now fair warning: you might get addicted. But try it out for yourself here: Universal Paperclips!

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