Rivo 2 Smartphone Keyboard

There are several built-in accessibility features on both Android and iOS devices for individuals with visual impairments. The Rivo 2 Smartphone Keyboard makes it easier for said individuals to use these smart devices.

The Rivo 2 is a portable Bluetooth keyboard about the size of a credit card. It features 20 tactile keys which help users manage 50 phone navigation commands.

According to the keyboard’s website:

“Rivo was originally designed by Mobience to assist people who are blind or visually impaired to use smartphones easily, quickly, and precisely. Mobience has teamed up with Braillist to successfully design and develop Rivo 2 as an ideal and indispensable accessory to assist them even more just like everyone’s everyday experience with the smartphone.”

Features of the Rivo 2 Smartphone Keyboard:

  • Portable Bluetooth keyboard designed to make using a smartphone easier for individuals with visual impairments
  • All phone sounds (including VoiceOver) can play through the keyboard’s speaker or earphone jack
  • Built-in microphone allows users to access Siri
  • Supports 27 languages