Boogaloo Beds – Smart Bed for Individuals with Sensory Issues

Did you know 80% of children and many adults with autism have daily sleep issues? The Boogaloo Bed were designed to help said individuals get a better night’s rest. According to the company’s website, “A root cause of these issues is sensory sensitivity and the inability to filter stimuli.”

Furthermore, sleep is often disrupted by household activity and these issues can lead to a “fight or flight response where the person may hurt themselves or elope.” The Boogaloo Bed’s mission is to improve overall sleep and safety for individuals with autism and other sensory disorders.

The company offers an overview of how the bed works:

“Our solution is a smart bed that allows a person to completely control their sensory environment. Our sensory blocking canopy creates a comforting safe space. We then use soothing stimuli such as lights, sounds, vibrations, aromatherapy, and weighted blankets to help people relax during the day and sleep better at night.

To help with safety, our canopy is padded to prevent injury during meltdowns and has cameras linked to motion sensors that parents can remotely monitor.”

Features of the Boogaloo Bed:

  • Sensory Canopy: creates a sensory cocoon and cleanable safety zone
  • Mobile app: ability to control features from your bed or miles away
  • Vibration: provides soothing tactile stimulation
  • Camera and mic: check in and communicate remotely
  • Lights: sunrise/sunset color customization to improve circadian rhythm
  • Safety sensors: alerts for incontinence, seizures, or leaving safe zones

Visit Boogaloo Beds website to learn more!