Synapptic Smartphone – Smartphone for Individuals with Visual Impairments

Irie-AT is a company offering many solutions and services for individuals with visual impairments. One of their available products is the Synapptic Smartphone.

The Synapptic Smartphone is an Android phone designed specifically for individuals with visual impairments. It features a simplified user-friendly interface making it “easy to use, efficient to navigate, and accessible to people with visual impairments.”

Features of the Synapptic Smartphone:

  • Android smartphone with a large 5-inch display
  • Displays high-contrast, large text
  • Speaks the menus and selected text
  • Scans printed documents and reads them aloud
  • Operates via voice commands or touch screen
  • Includes a video magnifier feature that magnifies images and text up to 20x
  • Compatible with all GSM network providers

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I wrote about another smartphone for individuals with visual impairments in February called the SmartVision2 Premium. The SmartVision2 features a high-contrast display, speech input and feedback, and even a tactile keypad and buttons.

Features of the SmartVison2 Premium Model:

  • Large and clear display for easy viewing
  • Touchscreen and physical buttons/keypad
  • Voice command and voice recognition
  • Vocalized user interface
  • Video Magnifier function with contrasts
  • Remote assistance included
  • Voice assisted GPS navigation
  • E-book creator and reader
  • Optical character recognition

You can learn more about this smartphone on the Irie-AT website.

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