Eyeflite’s Ava – Hands-free Computer Access in VR

Eyeflite is a startup company building a hands-free communication and digital content delivery platform for virtual reality. Their software, Ava, gives users hands-free computer access in virtual reality. In other words, users can type on virtual keyboards, respond to messages, play games, and more – all entirely hands-free.

Eyeflite was inspired by the friendship of Archer Hadley and the startup’s CEO, Andrew. Andrew was Archer’s caregiver for two years while in college.

The Eyeflite’s website further explains the inspiration behind Ava:

“Archer was born with cerebral palsy and had motor function in one arm as well as decreased speech abilities; seeing the little things that made Archer’s life difficult made Andrew think there had to be something he could do to improve his independence.”

The company’s mission is to make communication and technology more affordable and accessible for everyone.

Features of Ava:

  • With Ava, users can respond to messages, play games, control smart devices, browse the internet and more with voice dictation or head tracking
  • Runs on the Oculus Go, an affordable and untethered virtual reality headset
  • Private computer access
  • Mini-games specifically designed for head tracking
  • Different virtual environments in which to work and relax
  • New features will be released via software updates
  • Easy setup
  • Available for pre-order now

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