Create Your Own Music with The Magic Flute

The Magic Flute is for people who love music but can’t physically play instruments. This amazing device gives people with disabilities the chance to make their own music, even if they can’t use their hands.

picture of Magic Flute

The Magic Flute is an electronic version of a wind instrument played through speakers. Physical challenges aside, those who want to play their own music are now able to. It can turn a complete beginner into a music producer.

Making music

People with disabilities control The Magic Flute using only their breath and small head movements. The Magic Flute has a “flute” piece and a control box with display. The flute piece is attached to a tripod and can be moved up and down by the musician’s head movements. This selects the note played while blowing into the flute. Blowing harder produces more volume.

The control box allows a user to choose from 128 different instruments, including a saxophone, trumpet and even an electric guitar. Most users attach the flute piece to a microphone or camera stand with a connecting bracket to move up and down for their comfort.

Person using Magic Flute

Features of The Magic Flute include:

  • Flute mounted on a tripod
  • 128 different instrument sounds
  • Professional control box

My Breath My Music

My Breath My Music, a non-profit located in the Netherlands, developed The Magic Flute. The group aims to give people with severe physical disabilities the chance to play music.

“If you have a disability of any kind, the point is that with the resources we have today, there might be a solution for you,” said company co-founder Dave Whalen. “New technology and computers are opening many doors for us.”

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