Jazzy 123 – Count with Music App

Is your student or child learning to count and recognize numbers? The Jazzy 123 – Count with Music App teaches children all over the world about numbers by using music.

In addition to learning all about numbers, children will also learn about multiple musical instruments. The app also comes with a fully dubbed translation in over ten languages so children can learn to count in multiple languages! (Supported languages are listed below.)

Features of the Jazzy 123 – Counting with Music App:

  • Audio recordings of actual acoustic instruments played by professional musicians
  • Interactive pages: children simply tap the numbers and musical instruments to listen
  • Vivid and colorful illustrations that every child will love
  • Children will learn how to count from one to ten
    • They’ll also learn to recognize a saxophone, trumpet, bass, vibraphone, and a flute – by sound and sight
  • Take a picture with the musical kittens and share your photo!
  • Especially designed for little fingers
  • Supports the following languages:
    1. English
    2. Spanish
    3. French
    4. German
    5. Portuguese
    6. Russian
    7. Italian
    8. Chinese
    9. Japanese
    10. Korean
    11. Hebrew
    12. Arabic

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