Fly for All – Alaska Airlines

A little while ago, I wrote about a few available resources to help individuals with autism, anxiety, and more who are flying for the first time. Alaska Airlines has partnered with Infiniteach to create Fly for All. Fly for All is an app designed for “first time flyers, kids traveling alone as unaccompanied minors, or guests with cognitive and developmental disabilities (e.g. autism).”

If you’re unfamiliar with Infiniteach, here’s a bit about them:

Infiniteach is dedicated to inclusion for all. Utilizing best practice tools in accessibility and universal design, our custom-branded iOS and Android apps help individuals with disabilities, and their caregivers, feel welcome and supported when engaging in new experiences.

The app’s goal is to help take the anxiety out of air travel by walking them through the steps necessary to prepare to fly. Fly for All is broken into five user-friendly sections:

  1. Schedule: use this travel checklist to mark off steps of your trip as you finish them
  2. Explore: learn about the things you’ll do and see as you get ready to fly
  3. Play: take a break during your trip and play the app’s fun matching game!
  4. Communicate: choose buttons that can speak for you to ask the people around you for help
  5. More: you also have the options to:
    • Customize your profile
    • Find travel tips
    • Find links to detailed information about the company’s accessibility services
    • Connect to the company’s social media, share feedback, and rate their app

To learn more, check the app out on the App Store or on Google Play!