Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim App

If your little one is going to swim or be near water for the first time, check out the Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim app. According to the App Store’s description, the app is “a child’s first guide to water safety.”

The app teaches an important lesson of how to be safe near water by telling the story of Stewie, who is a duck that wants to swim with the big ducks, but cannot until he learns the water safety rules. The Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim app features read-to-me audio and also includes interactive animations, sound effects, a memory game, and a sing-along.

(Did you know that drowning kills more children ages 1-4 than anything else except birth defects? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides a few tips on drowning prevention. Click here to learn more!)

Overview of Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim:

  • Memory Game and Song: children will love the built-in memory game and the chance to sing-along with Stewie’s water safety song.
    • “Children learn through repetition, and the more time your child spends playing with this app, the more he or she will internalize these important water safety rules.”
  • Read-to-Me or Read Myself options: children have the option to have the book read aloud to them OR they can read it by themselves with no narration. The read-to-me audio option is “an opportunity for you and your child to enjoy Stewie’s story together.”
    • The read-to-me option also pauses at the end of each page, giving parents and children the option to review Stewie’s lessons together. Once the narration finishes, the child can interact with objects until they’re ready to move to the next page
    • The read-myself option allows the child to read alone or with a parent. They can also interact with objects and find the hidden ducks.
  • Auto-Play: this is the same as the “read-to-me” option, except the page advances automatically after the narration stops. (This feature is ideal for car rides when you want the child to have a complete book experience.”

Click here to learn more about the foundation that made this app (and what inspired it).

Or check the app out on the App Store to learn more!