EyesOnBoard Glasses: No More Motion Sickness

If you’re someone who gets motion sickness, you know what it feels like — dizziness, headache, nausea and just not feeling well. Motion sickness affects up to 67% of passengers, and it is caused by a conflict between visual perception and balance perception, particularly in the inner ears. It can become debilitating, whether on a plane, in the car or on a boat.

EyesOnBoard™ offers revolutionary technology as a natural and non-invasive solution to motion sickness.

Eyes on Board glasses

Cure Motion Sickness in 10 Minutes

These anti-motion sickness glasses ease seasickness and motion sickness in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is wear the glasses for 10 minutes when you feel the onset of motion sickness — that’s all it takes for the specs to balance your equilibrium.

Composed of four rings filled with colored liquid, EyesOnBoard creates an artificial horizon in the user’s vision, which synchronizes the eyes with the balance system.

Eyes on Board glasses in container

Features of EyesOnBoard Glasses

  • NO side effects — safe for elderly, children and pregnant women
  • Only wear for 10 minutes — effects last
  • Glasses have no lenses, so family members and traveling companions can share
  • One-size-fits-all and can be worn over prescription glasses
  • Best choice for cruising, flying, carnival rides and sickness-triggering video games
  • Award-winning technology, recommended by doctors

After 10 minutes, your nausea, dizzy spells and wooziness are relieved. Like magic, these glasses relieve those symptoms of motion sickness without posing the tiring side effects of medicines and herbal cures.

“I bought these for my daughter,” said Lisa B. “She could take some motion sickness medicine, but it would just make her sleepy. These glasses have been a game changer! She just puts them on, and off we go. Changed our life!”

Girl wearing Eyes on Board glasses

Put on EyesOnBoard as soon as you start feeling sick. Take them off when everything is back to normal, about 10 minutes later. Then enjoy the rest of your trip, in total peace of mind!

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