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Looking for a Chrome extension to help your child or student with writing difficulties?  Check out the Premier Chrome Toolbar!  Premier for Google Chrome offers a suite of literacy tools like dictation and a talking word processor – all available within your Chrome browser.

Premier Literacy, the company behind the extension, acknowledges the importance of technology in education.  Since 2002, they have been creating educational technologies to fit the needs of unique learners.

Here’s more about Premier Literacy:

“At Premier Literacy, we have always been committed to providing students with the technologies they need to be successful.  We create meaningful tools that work together to allow students to read, write, study and research.  Like the pieces of a puzzle, Premier provides students with the tools they need to perform the task at hand, wherever they are. We are committed to giving students the tools they need for the times in which they live…”

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Overview of the Premier Chrome Toolbar:

  • Using only a single login, you’ll quickly have access to the following tools:
    1. Talking Word Processor: Full-featured word processor that can handle a wide variety of documents, including PDF files
      • Includes word prediction, content summarization, integrated dictionary and more
    2. One Click Reader: You can have any text read aloud with highlighted tracking.  To do so, simply select text from any webpage or document and then click the Reader icon
      • You can change the voice, speaking rate, and personalize other reading features
    3. Talking PointerThe Premier Talking Pointer is another great tool for reading web content.  It converts the mouse pointer into a reading tool – simply point and listen
    4. One Click Summary: If you’re trying to focus on the most important information in an article, One Click Summary may be ideal.  Select any amount of text from a passage, click the Summary icon, and paste it in word processor.
      • You can set the Summary to any percentage and within seconds you have a summary of the text read aloud to you
      • Especially ideal for research involving large amounts of information
    5. Worksheet Wizard:  Worksheet Wizard is ideal for working with any type of worksheets.  “Simply access PDF files from any source (including scanners or phone apps) and load them into the Worksheet Wizard.”
      • Flexible options allow you to have text read aloud, edit text, copy and paste graphics, add annotations and save changes directly to the PDF file
      • It also has the ability to dictate text and includes “robust” word prediction
    6. One Click DictionarySelect any word from the text you’re viewing and click the Dictionary icon to get the definition and have it read aloud to you
      • You can even speak to the Dictionary and have it look up any word
      • Also combines the power of a Thesaurus and Interlink vocabulary for superior writing assistance
    7. One Click DictationOne Click Dictation allows you to talk instead of type.  
      • “There’s no need to ‘train’ it for your voice. With outstanding accuracy, the Dictation tool even handles different spellings for U.S. vs. Canada/U.K. English”
      • You can proofread your dictated text aloud and copy it into any other application like email, online forums, and more

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