WordToob App – Video modeling for language learning

Looking for an app to make learning words simple and fun?  The WordToob app is a video modeling app that makes learning new skills and words fun for children of all ages.

“Learning language requires combined information from the senses, whether just beginning to learn one’s native language or learning a second language.”  WordToob makes this simple and fun by pairing words with illustrative videos.  Further, “The learner not only benefits from playing WordToob but also through engaging in creating personalized videos.”

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The description goes on to state how video modeling is especially effective for individuals with autism:

“Some of the reasons may be that the learner only has to attend a restricted field of focus, the repetitive presentation of models and situations, less demand for face-to-face interaction, and their ability to process visual information more readily than verbal information.  Studies show that skills taught through video modeling are generalized and learned faster.”

The WordToob app makes video modeling easy.  It includes a board that illustrates emotions.  New boards are easy to create and customized videos are “simple to include giving the teacher, parent, or therapist the freedom to target many different skills limited only by their imagination.”

Overview of the WordToob App:

  • Language skills users can learn include:
    • Recognizing words they hear
    • Learning new words
    • Improving articulation
  • Some video modeling uses include:
    • Learning social skills
    • Visual schedules
    • Recognizing emotions
    • Learning adaptive skills
    • Show and tell
    • Storytelling
  • Studies show that skills taught through video modeling are learned faster
  • Video modeling has been used to teach communication skills, social skills, perception of emotion, adaptive skills and more
  • Personalized videos can be created easily with the iPad camera and attached to words within the app to increase motivation
  • Video modeling teaches new skills by the user watching a video of someone else or themselves performing the target behavior then imitating that behavior

Click here to learn more about the WordToob app!

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