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Looking for a way to teach new content or information?  The iESLp app on the App Store is the “most adaptable app, right at your fingertips, accommodating multiple groups and abilities.”

The iESLp app makes it easy to create tasks, boards, and more.  It stands for interacting Educational Speech Language Program.  The app features 18,000+ movable, sizable in-app graphics and templates available.  The developer notes how every learner is unique and that this app allows for “learning differentiation that students require.”

iESLp App Store Logo

Here’s more regarding the app:

“iESLp is not limited to those who struggle: it is a fun and meaningful program that appeals to users across all ages, abilities and interests. Users of the iESLp App will have a blast creatively playing and interacting with picture manipulatives and will forget that they are actively learning.”

Overview of the iESLp app:

  • Built-in 24,000 Symbolstix symbols and pictures
  • In-app purchase of 3,800 + Scrapin Doodle pictures
  • Ability to import pictures from albums and use existing clip art
  • Create movable activities like sorting, matching, counting, story-writing and more
  • Visual strategy boards come alive using the built-in features
  • Share assignment and activity sheets through AirDrop, text messaging, email, and social media
  • Print from within program using an air printer
  • Attach voice recording to text or symbols

Visit the app’s website to learn more!

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