nutri chopper kitchen gadget

Nutri Chopper

Chopping vegetables is challenging for individuals with arthritis, poor dexterity, and more.  One potential solution for this tedious task is the Nutri Chopper.  The Nutri Chopper is a compact, handheld kitchen slicer that “cuts your vegetables with just one snap!”  

nutri chopper kitchen gadget

The engineers behind the revolutionary device combined five different interchangeable slicing options into one super slicer; with this single gadget, you can chop thin slices, thick slices, cubes, and more!

Here’s more about the Nutri Chopper:

“Chop and slice fruits, vegetables, and more with ease!  The Nutri Chopper works five times faster than a knife — simply squeeze to chop into thin slices, thick slices, wedges, or cubes.”

It also comes with a container that easily attaches to the slicer to keep chopped food in one place.  

Overview of Nutri Chopper:

  • An easy-to-use kitchen gadget that helps users chop and slice fruits and vegetables “with just one snap!”
  • Works five times faster than a knife
  • Comes with a container that easily snaps onto the gadget so all the food stays in one place
  • Easy to clean: it can be disassembled into pieces and placed in the dishwasher
  • Portable and easy storage: measures 8.25 inches long, including long handle
  • Features a quick-lock function that allows you to store the gadget in a drawer safely and securely

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