eazense fall detection system

Eazense Fall Detection System

Looking for a fall detection system for you or a loved one?  Eazense is a passive, real-time fall detection system that utilizes “new, unique” radar sensor technology with artificial intelligence.

eazense fall detection system

Unlike most other fall detection systems, Eazense doesn’t require the user to wear a wearable.  In addition to sensing falls, the system can also monitor a presence in a room or bed and has the ability to detect if a person is still breathing.

Here’s more from the developer’s website:

“Eazense is designed to detect, record, and log activity in a room, from live fall detection to irregular movement and then notify if certain levels are outside of normal routines…”

Overview of Eazense:

  • A fall detection system that features “new, unique” radar sensor technology with artificial intelligence
  • Monitors live falls in addition to presence detection across multiple occupants in a room without the need of a wearable
  • The sensor connects to the SOFIHUB cloud portal and will report all alerts in the form of a notification to caregivers
  • The system detects, records, and logs activity in a room and will notify caregivers if certain levels of activity are outside of normal routines
  • Keeps track of vital parameters
  • Constantly tracks body position
  • Respects privacy: no cameras necessary
  • Fully automatic and contactless
  • Easy to install and operate

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