kinzoo family messenger app example

Kinzoo Family Messenger App

If you’re searching for a child-safe messenger, check out the Kinzoo Family Messenger App.  Kinzoo is the “world’s first kid-proof messenger designed to keep children safe.”

kinzoo family messenger app example

Unlike other messenger apps, this app is free from the pressures of likes and follower counts.  It is designed to foster a “meaningful, authentic connection” between children and their loved ones.  

Here’s more from the app’s developers:

“There’s no denying it: technology touches almost every part of our lives today. Now more than ever, we’re relying on tech to work, learn, connect and unwind—and our kids are spending more and more time with digital devices.

Screen time is now a major part of growing up—but parents still struggle to find high-quality, kid-friendly platforms they can trust. Kinzoo is here to change that. Our founder is a father who was searching for better solutions for his own children, and every day, we work hard to unlock technology’s potential for kids everywhere…”

It features an easy-to-use, highly interactive interface that allows users to text, video call, send memes, and so much more.

Overview of the Kinzoo Family Messenger App:

  • Develop better habits with safe video calling, text messaging, and sharing features
  • Interactive stories and fun activities in the Paths Center augment the messaging experience
  • Designed around Kinzoo’s 3 C’s:
    1. Connection
    2. Creativity
    3. Cultivation
  • Text, emoji, picture, audio, and video capabilities
  • No phone number or data plan is necessary; only requires a device and a WiFi connection
  • Works on iOS and Android devices

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