2022 Job Accommodation Bootcamp Full Day Presentation Materials

Below are presentation materials for the 2022 Job Accommodation Bootcamp Full Day training:

Important Links and Information: 

CEU Quiz                              eastersealstech.com/2022BootcampQuiz
AAC website                          aacinstitute.org/ceus 
Full-Day Survey.                    eastersealstech.com/2022BootcampSurvey
Nikol’s email                          nprieto@eastersealscrossroads.org
INDATA Loan Library             indata.AT4ALL.com
Archive Video                        eastersealstech.com/fulldayarchives 

Slides for Today’s Sessions:

Welcome and Intro – INDATA Overview Slides – Brian Norton

Reasonable Accommodations and the ADA Slides – Marcy Hintzman

Employment and ADA Resources Doc

The Accommodation Process – Start to Finish Slides – Josh Anderson

Please note: These slide decks will be posted to our archive pages in the coming days.