2022 Transition Full Day Presentation Materials

Below you will find presentation materials for the 2022 Assistive Technology and Transition Full Day training:

Important Links and Information: 

CEU Quiz                              eastersealstech.com/2022TransitionQuiz
AAC CEU website                 aacinstitute.org/ceus 
Full-Day Survey.                    eastersealstech.com/2022TransitionSurvey
Nikol’s email                          nprieto@eastersealscrossroads.org
INDATA Loan Library             indata.AT4ALL.com
Archive Video                        eastersealstech.com/fulldayarchives 

Slides for Today’s Sessions:

These slide decks and the archived video will be posted to our archive page in the coming days.

If you are collecting CEUs please follow these steps:

  1. Print or download the CEU Quiz for the 2022 Transition training. These quiz questions are needed for the online CEU registration.
  2. Go to the AAC Institute and fill out the attendance form and online CEU quiz. Please use the email address you provided when registering for this event.