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If you’re looking for an app to help manage chores, homework, and more for your family, check out the Family Tools: Family Organizer app.  Family Tools is an app designed to help keep your family on the same page.  

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 According to the app’s website:

“The app is full of tools to help your family plan and be productive. From coordinating the calendar to managing chores, organization has never been so accessible, productive, and rewarding…”

The app features a shareable family calendar that’s kid-friendly so everyone can access it.  You can use filters or select certain dates to see only the events you need.  Multiple notifications are also available to help family members remember everything on the schedule.

With Family Tools: Family Organizer, you can manage:

  • Chores:
    • Create a chore list for each child
    • Specify a day or make a chore recur regularly
    • Kids can check off chores and earn rewards
  • Homework:
    • Plan for an upcoming assignment
    • Specify school subject and due dates and add notes
    • Check off assignments when complete
  • Todos:
    • Plan any task
    • Assign a specific day or do it anytime
    • Make them recur daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Family Calendar:
    • Everyone can create and share family calendar items
    • Plan one-time, daily, and weekly events
    • Integrate your Apple Calendar
  • Shopping Lists:
    • Create custom lists
    • Add custom sections or categories
    • Create a list for things like groceries, packing, gifts, or shopping
  • Meal Planner and Recipe Book:
    • Quickly generate a meal calendar for your family
    • Add recipes and tag them for easy access and use
    • Export meal items to your grocery list in seconds

And more!

Click here to learn more.

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