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Last week, I wrote about SwiftScan, which is an app that allows you to scan documents and more using your phone.  Another available option is Genius Scan.  Genius Scan helps users digitize millions of documents on the go every day.  

genius scan app logo

Genius Scan’s smart algorithms automatically detect your document, apply perspective correction, and enhance the colors.  With a couple of taps, your paper document is digitized into a sharp and clean PDF.  A text layer is added for indexing and searching.

When you’re done scanning your document, you can archive them, group them with tags, and use the search to quickly find the ones you need.  You also have the option to subscribe to Genius Cloud to securely back up and sync your scans.  

Overview of Genius Scan:

  • Smart scanning:
    • Document detection and background removal
    • Distortion correction
    • Shadow removal and defect cleanup
    • Filters
  • PDF creation and editing:
    • Document merging and splitting
    • Multiple-page PDF creation
    • Photos and PDF import
  • Security and privacy:
    • Face ID locking
    • PDF password encryption
  • Document tagging and content search
  • Ability to export to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, and more

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