sensasoft sensory den by fun and function with two children

SensaSoft Sensory Den

Fun and Function offers many sensory solutions for kiddos.  One I have yet to write about is the SensaSoft Sensory Den.  

The SensaSoft Sensory Den is a calming sensory corner for small spaces.  The cozy den gives children a calming place to read, draw, and relax.  You can manipulate the color-changing fiber optic strands.  Children can relax while gazing at the mesmerizing bubble tube.  

sensasoft sensory den by fun and function with two children

Here are some ideas for use from Fun and Function:

  • Need some calm down time for yourself? Bring a book into your sensory den and relax!
  • Listen to your favorite music as you gaze at the bubble tube turning it into a calming audio-visual experience!
  • Invite your best friend into the sensory den and play your favorite game together to build social skills

Overview of SensaSoft Sensory Den:

  • Fits two small children or one larger child
  • Durable wipe clean material
  • Supports children with anxiety, sensory processing disorder, and autism
  • For ages 2-7
  • Weighs 121 pounds

Click here to learn more!

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