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Articulation Arcade

Articulation Arcade is an app for children ages 3 and up with speech sound delay, speech sound disorder, and apraxia.  The app features games that allow for speech sound practice at word, phrase, and sentence levels, facilitating targeted, speech practice.

articulation arcade app screenshot example

Articulation Arcade features five different games for children to choose from. There is also a flashcard activity with varying levels of difficulty.  The five games are:

  1. Four in a Row: this is like an interactive Connect 4 game with pictures. The user chooses a picture and then this takes them to the learning section to complete. Once completed, they return to the Connect 4 game to place their counter. This continues until the game is complete.
  2. Matching: This requires the user to choose the target sound and which position in the word to focus on.  Once selected, users play a matching game with the target sound in a word.  After the user matches pairs, it takes the user to the word, phrase, and sentence level practice and then returns to the matching screen afterward so they can continue playing.
  3. Bingo: Here the user listens to the word given with a picture and the user selects the right match, this then goes through to the practicing section as the other games do.
  4. Spin The Wheel: the user chooses the target sound and which position in the word to focus on. Once selected, users are given a spinning board with pictures to choose from, and the user spins the wheel where a picture is chosen to then provide the practice activities.
  5. Scratchcards: the users swipes their fingers over the card to reveal an image underneath; this is where the target speech sound practice begins. 

Lastly, with the Flashcard activity, children take their turn in a game, where a flashcard displaying a picture appears.  Users can then say their target word once or multiple times.  They can also practice at phrase or sentence level.  Spoken productions can be scored as correct, approximately correct, or incorrect.

Overview of Articulation Arcade:

  • Great resource for speech-language pathologists and language therapists
  • Ideal for children with speech delay, speech sound disorder, apraxia, autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, and more
  • Over 1,400 “beautiful, high-quality” real-life pictures
  • 22 English consonant sounds, R, L, and S blends
  • Approximately 60 target words for each sound, except R, L, and S which also have consonant blends and additional sound subcategories
  • Word, phrase, and sentence level practice, all in one app
  • User profiles for each child
  • Option to record the child’s spoken productions for biofeedback
  • And much more!

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