Child use Eye Can Fly technology on computer

Eye Can Fly Educates and Empowers With Eye Gaze Technology

Learning can be an exciting adventure. The computer game Eye Can Fly literalizes this idea by allowing users to soar across the world, prevent natural disasters and save lives while learning geography and control skills.

Child use Eye Can Fly technology on computer

Eye Can Fly is the world’s first 3D game made specifically for eye gaze use. Control skills come into play when using the eye gaze technology that drives players’ actions in the game.

3D Game for Eye Gaze Use

Users can undergo flight school, learning such skills as orientation using a compass. They can also learn about animals by flying over farms. Or they can just engage in silly fun, popping balloons and racing chickens.

Graphic game screen from Eye Can Fly

Easy to set up and pre-programmed with a variety of graded activities for students of different skill levels, Eye Can Fly is a must-have for inclusive classrooms. In fact, many teachers say so! Check out the testimonials below:

Eye Can Fly is a much needed addition to the EyeGaze repertoire. The graphics and interface are clear and well designed. The activities are purposeful and fun. My students have adapted to them very quickly, and there are many options for them to explore in the future. I have particularly enjoyed seeing my least independent students experiencing what it’s like (well nearly) to be as free as a bird! — Andrew Walker, AAC/ICT Coordinator 

Compared to other software, Eye Can Fly stands out in appearance, characterization, soundtrack and challenge, making it appealing to a variety of ages and abilities. This is a game package that the whole family would want to experience, not just the disabled player. — Sean Carroll, ICT/AT Consultant

Geography graphic from cat in Eye Can Fly

An Empowering Game

In addition to eye gaze, users can control the game with any mouse pointer device, keyboard, switches and joysticks.

Eye Can Fly is ultimately an empowering game that allows users to fly around like superheroes and take control of their learning experience. Learn more in this video:


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