View of Trello boards

Trello Changes the Way You Work and Manage

Trello is a software tool that is simple and easy to use with helpful ways to collaborate and reminders on projects. For those who struggle with staying on task, this is a great tool to keep yourself accountable.

View of Trello boards

Trello Helps You Tackle Your To-Do Lists

Trello is customizable and flexible for every need. With Trello, you can:

  • Get more done with customizable-yet-simple boards, lists and cards.
  • Create cards and drag them across the board to follow your project’s progress.
  • Add checklists, labels and due dates to get your projects across the finish line.

In addition, Trello’s built-in automation tool, Butler, can also save you hours of time. It will assist your commands from reminders, to moving projects, changing due dates and more. These commands are easy to customize with a simple set of questions to get you started.

A Platform Not Just for Your Desktop

Also, Trello offers a mobile app that is just as user-friendly as your desktop. Therefore, you can easily access your boards and projects from the easy-to-use platform on your computer. And you can also use the app, which has everything the desktop version offers and at no extra cost.

Mobile platform for Trello app

Help Social Anxiety With Collaboration

Trello’s ability to allow project collaboration directly on the platform is a great way for those who struggle with social anxiety to keep up with their project partners. Being able to work on the same project easily is a great feature of Trello’s software.

Collaboration tools offered include commenting, document sharing, mentioning and notifications. Further, notifications can come via email, desktop and push notifications, and all are customizable based on the experience you want.

Collaboration with Trello boards

Trello is the Software for You

With all the features and opportunities for collaboration, organized workspaces and accessibility, Trello offers a great software option – for free! Other plans can increase in price depending on commands.

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