Vibra Zilla sensory chewy

Vibra Zilla Sensory Vibration Handle with Textured Zilla Jr. Tube

Over the years, I have discussed several different fidgets for individuals with autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, sensory processing disorder, and more.  Fidgets are developed for children and adults who need to keep their hands, fingers, feet, and/or mouths busy.  In these blogs, I covered a couple of options to help individuals who specifically struggle with biting and chewing.  Another potential solution is the Vibra Zilla Sensory Vibration Handle with Textured Zilla Jr. Tube!

This tool is both therapist tested and approved to provide effective oral stimulation. It also helps develop tolerance to different textures!

Vibra Zilla sensory chewy

Here’s more from description:

“Vibra Zilla is the new, exciting vibrating Zilla chew handle that provides oral stimulation and oral desensitization (for those who have oral defensiveness- hypersensitivity to food textures, have difficult tolerating tooth brushing, or other oral input challenges). Vibra Zilla, when used in conjunction with a Speech or Occupational Therapist approved program, can help with oral skill development and function…”

Overview of Vibra Zilla:

  • Sensory tool for self-regulating oral input, oral desensitization, and for addressing other oral motor facial challenges for oral sensory seekers
  • 1 AA battery required (included)
  • Features an easy-to-grip chunky handle
  • 6 therapeutic modes
  • 3-1/2” duo-texture chewy tip that is both soft AND extra tough

Click here to learn more.

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